Saturday, May 12, 2007


Fair warning….this is a “poor me” entry….if you don’t want to come to my pity party, better stop reading now.

Why do bad things continue to happen? Why can’t life just be “ok” for a while, letting us catch our breath? We just repaired the two doors that USED to lead to a second-floor deck (the deck got removed last summer because of a major leak in the roof under it – into the lower bathroom….we had to replace the whole roof). We had the doors' frames capped with PVC sheathing. I thought this would stop the leak into the lower bathroom….after all, the one door wasn’t even fully framed in, so the water must have been getting in between the boards….Then tonight it rained hard….and we had a major leak into the lower bathroom again…At least this time we tracked the leak to the threshold of the door upstairs…but now it’s not only leaking into the bathroom, it’s starting to come in through the ceiling just outside of the bathroom. This means the water is coming further into the house via soaked wood.

So first thing Monday I have to call a repairman to come and rip up the threshold, and probably some of the hardwood floor in that bedroom, repair what needs to be repaired, replace what is damaged and SOMEHOW stop that threshold from leaking.

Because we STILL have to completely redo that lower bathroom (it got flooded last June, and we found out this past February that the plumbing isn’t up to code either when 4 pipes burst under the floor and in the wall) and we can’t do that until we know it won’t get leaked into again.

Then there’s the fence we’ve been trying to get done for at least a month. And the front porch roof that needs to be repaired. The front steps need to be redone. The cracks in the front hall wall repaired. The plaster and wall in the upstairs bathroom repaired. Our bedroom and 3 rooms’ ceilings painted. The window sill in the lower bathroom fixed. The sliding screen doors off the kitchen fixed (they don’t move). The garage needs its door fixed, gutters put up, and the steps leading into the back yard redone….

And then there’s the dog. I’m still not convinced we should keep him. I don’t know if our lifestyle or current energy level is fair to him, or if he’s a good fit for us.....and our lack of patience is rather telling.….

And then there’s my job (see last post).

Will this ever stop? Or is this my life from now on – fix one thing, move onto the next, hoping that something doesn’t pop up as an emergency repair, dealing with a hyper, stubborn puppy while trying to just live life and spend time with my husband who is overworked.

It’s all so very frustrating and discouraging. I’d really love to have some “every-day” quiet time…I’m not even asking for a lot of good times, or happiness….just some not-too-bad days. Is that possible?

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