Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 15....still waiting.

Well. It's been a decidedly yucky summer, that much I can attest to. I'm still up in Michigan, though I have my eye on flying homeward soon. I miss my hubby and my dog! But Mom's needed me here to help with her transition, and I have no regrets to the time I've been here. After all, she has to learn a whole new way of living - she hasn't been truly alone for over 53 years. But I have every faith that she'll succeed and do it with style. My mom is pretty awesome, ya know?

As for me. I FINALLY had a job nibble!! Actually, the first call came in on the day dad died. But after a bit of phone tag, I got a phone interview and it sounds promising. I should be getting a face-to-face next week if things go well. Let's hope to the goddess that they go well!!!

One nice thing about these visits to Michigan - I've been able to reconnect with some long-time friends. D., B., and R. have all come back into my life, and that is just way awesome. I hope we can maintain contact and grow our friendships into our old age.

More later!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sad day

Week 13 of unemployment finds me in Michigan again.

Today - 09/09/09 - at 3:00 - my father died.

This summer really sucks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three months now....12 long, distressing weeks

So. Week 12 finds me the same - still unemployed, still not exercising, still worried about Dad.

He's doing better - though he's back on the breathing vent. He had his pacemaker replaced last Friday, but it hit his body rather hard, so they put him back on so he wouldn't have to fight for oxygen. But he's still on that damn teeter totter.

Maybe I'm not supposed to get a job until Dad's home from the hospital??


I'm beginning to hate being a whiny jobless person. I know, I could quit whining....but I'd still be jobless. WHY won't someone call me?!?! I've put out many resumes, but I haven't gotten ONE call!!

Damn it to all the hells.