Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two requests and a statement

The First Request

Hello my dear blogreaders....I have a small request of you. Please read the following, visit the website mentioned, and at least look at the pictures. Doing more than that is your own decision - I can't ask you to do anything more....but I really hope you at least spread the message, if not go a few steps further. Thanks. Oh, and look for my photos - there's two of them....let me know if you find them!

Where’s the Cure?
Submit your photo. Add your voice. Demand the research to find the cure. “Where’s the Cure?” is an online photo contest sponsored by amfAR (The American Foundation on AIDS Research). It’s designed to send a real, tangible message to the world, and directly to the President. Browse the galleries, and submit your photo for a chance to be included in the “Where’s the Cure?” print-on-demand book.
Find out more at:

The Second Request

I am an avid reader, and wish for all children to learn the wonders and fun of reading. To help this along, I present this url. My company is sponsoring a page here - please read the page and go with your heart. Thanks!

The Statement

I still really like my job - today we did a turkey run! What this means is, 4 of us went to the grocery store and bought 11 frozen turkeys (filming the whole picking-out-the turkeys, loading them into the cart, then loading them into the car) then we went to the DC Central Kitchen and delivered the turkeys (filmed that too!). It felt really good.

Then tonight we had the company meeting - at a bar with spouses/significant others, and these people were super cool to hang out with.

I am beginning to know what it's like to work with REAL human beings, for a company that really seems to care for its employees, doing work that I didn't know I'd be this excited about. This is so amazing.