Saturday, November 14, 2009


YES! It's true!! I am now gainfully employed again!! Woo hoo!! Exactly 5 months after I got laid off, I am now employed as a Technical Writer!!

YAY me!! And yay for paychecks to come!! Hubby and I were just getting to the point where things were starting to really hurt financially. Granted, I don't get my first paycheck for another 2 weeks, but at least I know it's coming.

So. It's been a challenging 5 months....laid off on 6/9 - sending out tons of resumes. Dad getting sick early in August, then passing on 9/9 - I miss you Daddy. And now I've started a new job - on 11/9. Hopefully this means that the troubles of 2009 will NOT overflow into 2010.

Here's hopin'!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have a good relationship with my hubby - I love him more every day. But.

He has his hobbies - music, graphic design. I can't seem to get into my own hobbies too much (I like to bead), except for reading and watching TV. So these days, while I'm just WAITING for a start date on my job, I find myself with alot of time on my hands - and no money to really do anything. I know, the Smithsonian museums are free, but getting the motivation to go downtown on my own is hard. 'Specially when checking out new museums is something hubby and I would like to do together.

Like tonight. He had to leave at 4:30 for his music event and won't be back till I'm sitting all alone with the dog. This happened this past Friday too. Actually, Friday made me realize that I DON'T have any "local" friends (I've got some very good long-distance friends). No one to just call up and say "hey, wannna go grab some dinner?" or "wanna go wander a museum?" or just grab a cuppa with. I love to play board games, but hubby isn't into that too much. I tried to start up a game night with the couple next door - they're quite nice. But I guess either hubbs and I are a bit too different, or the age difference (they're younger) made it less appealing.

I really hate being so very lonely when I'm in such a good marriage. It just feels so wrong. But where the hell is a 40-something woman supposed to meet friends? I don't go to bars unless I'm with my hubby. I walk the dog. I like getting mani/pedis but since I'm basically unemployed that isn't feasible at the moment. Jeeze, I've even been skulking around Craigslist....

So - how do YOU think I should search for friends?