Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three months now....12 long, distressing weeks

So. Week 12 finds me the same - still unemployed, still not exercising, still worried about Dad.

He's doing better - though he's back on the breathing vent. He had his pacemaker replaced last Friday, but it hit his body rather hard, so they put him back on so he wouldn't have to fight for oxygen. But he's still on that damn teeter totter.

Maybe I'm not supposed to get a job until Dad's home from the hospital??


I'm beginning to hate being a whiny jobless person. I know, I could quit whining....but I'd still be jobless. WHY won't someone call me?!?! I've put out many resumes, but I haven't gotten ONE call!!

Damn it to all the hells.

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Barbara said...

Unfortunately you happen to be job-hunting at the worst time in decades. You should probably find something to do outside your house even if it doesn't pay a dime.