Friday, May 11, 2007

the days are SO long...

Some synonyms for BORED:

apathetic, bored, cloyed, cool, disenchanted, disentranced, fed up, glutted, indifferent, jaded, knowing, laid back, lukewarm, mellow, mondaine, offhand, satiated, sick of, sophisticate, sophisticated, surfeited, unconcerned, unexcited, uninterested, unmoved, weary, world-weary


annoyed, blasé, blue*, depressed, discontented, dismal, dissatisfied, down, gloomy, glum, jaded, sated, tired

And here are some delightful synonyms for FRUSTRATED:

balked*, bollixed up, checkmated, crabbed*, cramped, crimped, defeated, discontented, discouraged, disheartened, embittered, faked out, flummoxed, foiled, fouled up*, irked, put away, resentful, screwed up, skinned, stonewalled*, stymied*, thwarted, ungratified, unsated, unslaked

(the little * = informal or slang)

These words just about sum up my feeling about my job. I cannot believe I’ve been here for almost 7 months, and my usual day is made up of reading blogs, reading my novel, surfing for a new job and watching the time pass. There is NOTHING for me to do, and I really really hate being bored at work. Ok, yes, for the first month or two it was kind of pleasant – relaxing even. BUT 7 MONTHS OF IT?!?! Ye gods.

Please please please – to any god or goddess of the trees – I want a new job!!!!!!!!!

(Of course, looking at the word lists above…. “Sophisticate”? “Satiated”? Odd….)

I tell you, I am getting really down about this. There has to be SOMETHING out there.

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IntangibleArts said...

have you started sculpting your likeness of the Devil's Tower in creamcheese yet? Great desktop item, that.