Monday, October 19, 2009

My Father

I lost my dad this year. Just last month in fact. He died on 9-9-9. He was only 79, trying really hard to make it to 80. He often used to "threaten" that he was going to live to 100, just to "drive you crazy". I would love to be driven crazy right now.

Who was my father? He was a man of dignity, a man of deep knowledge and curiosity. He was always learning something new. He was a marvelous gardener - his love of nature and plants and animals was part of his gentle nature. He was generous, funny, loving in his own way. He was one of the most intelligent men I knew - but never proud, never boasting - always humble. He loved to hug. He loved old movies, Bullwinkle the Moose, and admired Abraham Lincoln. He had a dog - a Pembroke Welsh Corgi - who he'd gotten from a rescue organization. He really loved that dog. That dog really loved him.

I'll probably think of a lot of good things to say about my dad after I post this entry. Maybe I'll add them, maybe I won't. All I can say now is - I love my dad, and I really miss him.


Barbara said...

He would be proud to know that you noticed all those wonderful qualities. It's only natural that you would miss him as you grieve for your loss.

Rick said...

His sense of humor. As odd as it was, that's the thing I remember best.

wordwitch said...

Yeah, he seemed to come from left field a lot, but it was always gently done.

lettuce said...

this is a lovely tribute, he sounds great