Saturday, February 6, 2010

Afternoon "delight"???

It's STILL snowing at almost 3:00pm...We're up to at least 20", and the snow is predicted to continue till late tonight. Wow. Things happening around here...a ladder truck (those really long, big ones, with the "driver" in the back?) got stuck trying to turn a corner - a wrecker had to be called in....also, a church's roof collapsed - no one was inside or hurt. I think hubby is going to shovel off the roof of our extension, just in case. I feel confident about our main roof, since it's all new as of 3 years ago.

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epota said...

Wow. This is absolutely incredible. And two such storms within a couple of months of each other. At least the power is holding -- and we can continue to get these updates from you. Hope you didn't have big plans for the weekend? I know your hubby had a couple of things cancelled. So indoors with pizza and brews?

Stay warm!