Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We start into week EIGHT

I have been part of the workforce - with one significant break due to relocation/lack of employment - for 26 years. I have worked as a groom at a stable, an employee of Fotomat, a picture framer, retail management, an optical associate, a fast food cashier, a bank teller, and - for most of my career - as a writer/editor.

But the point is, I've almost always had a job. The one time I didn't was much more MY choice, after I'd moved from Arizona to Maine (LONG story there). I'd been working on a master's degree in AZ while my hubby was up in Maine working, but when the semester ended I moved up to be with him. I had thought to finish out my masters in Maine, but circumstances changed that direction. Instead, I started looking for a job in July shortly after I got there. We lived in Bangor - a population of 33,000 and not a lot of anything in publishing. I managed to find a 3/4-time job in September, but that didn't work out, and I was back to searching again in October. In November I started a part-time job at the Public Broadcasting Network (really super people and kinda fun job) that I kept till the following May - but then we moved to Maryland. Within a few weeks I got a job back into publishing and have been fully employed up till 8 weeks ago.

What's the point of all this? I dunno. I can't stop reeling from STILL being unemployed. I feel much better - in many ways - when I have an office to go to, a project (or 10!) to work on, co-workers to talk to, and a commute to do twice a day. It's too easy for me to just sit on the couch with the TV on, surfing the internet for jobs and NOT playing with the dog. I know part of it is due to being down about not working, but I also know that I am inherently lazy, in need of structure.

"So go out and do something every day" you say? Yeah, that's so much easier said than done, especially when it's hot and sticky out or storming. "But you'd be commuting through all that if you had a job" you say? Yes, but that is very worth it. That is part of what makes having a job "fun" to me.

And I really really want to have fun. I really want a job.


Barbara said...

At least your puppy (now a grown dog undoubtedly) has been able to enjoy having you around. I'm always looking for company to hang out with. Let me know if and when you are available. I can even walk pretty well once again!

Steve said...

I know it's really not consolation, but your situation isn't unusual. I have several friends who have been out of work for weeks. This is a scary recession. But it will end, eventually!