Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New venue for weeks 9 and 10...

Week # 9 finds me in Michigan - my dad underwent some emergency surgery last Thursday night. Seven + hours of surgery. He had an abdominal arotic aneurysm that was huge and bleeding. He's doing better, but hasn't been brought out of sedation yet (today's Tuesday). I flew up on Friday morning to be here and help my mum. So far, dad is holding his own. There's been no blatant complications (i.e. he could have had a stroke, a heart attack, been paralysed, or had kidney failure, etc.) but he's still not breathing on his own, and he still has the spinal drain in....so we wait.

Good thing I'm unemployed, basically.

I'm still filing for unemployment, and doing a job search - one just never knows. But for now, I'm up in Michigan, missing my hubby and my puppy. And will be here way into week # 10 too.


Barbara said...

Bet wishes to your dad for a full recovery. So glad you could get away to help out. Think what a nice reunion with your husband and puppy you will have upon your return!

epota said...

Thank you for the continued updates on your dad. We're happy that things are improving, although still a long way to go. Our best wishes and prayers to you and your entire family. -M