Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yummy? and other stuff

You've got to check this out....Poofygoo's got a super recipe everyone should take to their next potluck or office party.

Ok...No one decided to tell me their wish....so I'll just talk about mine. The quest was: make one wish - but not for more wishes, and it has to be "selfish"....So I've thought about this a lot, and often. This means I have a small list of THE WISH. Today's wish is on that list.

I wish I had the ability to shapeshift into any living creature - mammal, lizard, reptile, bird, bug, fish, etc. Of course I'd still maintain my intelligence, my "soul", my self. But I'd also be able to BE the creature - communicate with the other wolves, fly with the raptors, swim and play with the dolphins, and spin a superior web.

There is magic in everything - the sky, the rocks, the trees, even a skyscraper. Reach out and touch it and it will infuse your life.

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epota said...

One wish, eh? And a SELFISH one at that? Hmmm...

After a bit of thought, and after a series of hellish weeks of work, I can only come to this conclusion:

I wish my past attempts to break through into recorded music had actually produced strong enough results to continue--and not see the flicker of hope stomped on by an ever-changing and ever-annoying music industry.

I (actually "we," if you include the whole band) didn't need to be hit over the head with bags of cash. Just tell me that I can do what I love and pay my bills... The rest would take care of itself.

While there was college radio play and a few decent, well-received live shows, the era of artists being supported and nurtured by record labels went by the wayside, only to be replaced by idol shows and other showcases for no-talent fluff.

So I continue to produce communications materials to support disease management and wellness programs, all while staring out the office window contemplating what could have been.

How's that?