Thursday, July 19, 2007


(* Pronunciation[gal-uh-maw-free] –noun, plural -fries. Chiefly Literary. 1. a hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley) (I borrowed this blog idea from Chas over at Letters from Hardscrabble Creek - thanks Chas!)

So, basically life goes on, yes? I met with a recruiter (headhunter) the other day…figure I need to make some progress on this job thing, ya know? It’s no fun for me OR for you few who read this blog, to just keep on bein’ miserable. So we will see.

To that end (moving on) I’m also going to sign up for a “Writing and Editing for Web” class, so I can be a bit more marketable. Sounds like a good plan, no?

Rudeness…it just baffles my mind. I see it daily – people cutting in front of you and pushing through the turnstyles at the Metro, pushing onto or off of the train or bus (one time I almost didn’t make it off the train, because too many people started to board before I could get off – the doors were closing!!)….people not giving up their seats to those in more need….This is just the stuff I’ve observed recently. I used to work in retail and OMG! Often I was treated as if I were someone’s servant, rather than a person who could provide a service – two VERY different things! Then there are the things I read on other blogs and in the news….AD often has good examples of rudeness, as well as Big Sky Girl (who I think may have left the blogosphere….), who tried to save a youngster from traffic only to get beat up by that same youngster and ignored by the Mom…Yeesh. Why can’t people just treat each other with respect? You don’t have to like everyone around you, just show them a bit of respect and move on. Not too hard.

Timeshares. Anyone know anything about ‘em? My hubby and I are going to visit some friends in VA who are up from AZ and staying in a timeshare. I’ve looked into them a little bit and found out that the cost of a resale timeshare isn’t that high…..hmm….to always have a week that you can either go to your “home” timeshare, or trade it in and go elsewhere for a lot less than some vacations….this is thought provoking. Any comments?

Still don’t understand cops on Segways…..

I’m reading a good mystery series at the moment….Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski mysteries…and no, I never saw the TV show. I’m on book #6. I’m also reading Evanovich’s series following Stephanie Plum – I’m in need of book 12 which is called Twelve Sharp. Oh, and # 13 wouldn’t be a bad thing to get, too, since I read quite fast. Let’s see…what else…Oh, I’m re-reading the Laurel K. Hamilton Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series…unfortunately I only own the first book, so I need to hit up some used bookstores soon. Other books I’m looking for are: James Patterson’s 3rd Degree; Patricia Briggs’s Blood Bound; Katie MacAlister’s Holy Smokes; J.A. Jance’s Web of Evil (good one to relate to – lead character writes a blog!) and Dead Wrong; Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Takes a Holiday; and Kim Harrison’s For a Few Demons More. I know – kinda a weird mix, but hey, I enjoy it.

Oh, and I found this today and thought that BabsRN might enjoy it:
"Here is the Washington Post's Mensa Invitational which once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter - and supply a new definition. The winners are:
6. Foreploy : Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid."

And last but not least – if you had one wish, and it couldn’t be for more wishes but it could be for ANYTHING you can imagine…what would it be? Oh, one caveat – it has to be a selfish wish, no “peace on earth” or “no more starving people” – those are just assumed to be universal wishes….Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.


cardiogirl said...

I would wish to understand everything that happens after we die -- the whole enchilada. That would include questions like: What's the "true/real" religion? What happens if the "true" religion is Buddhism and I have been a devout Catholic all my life. What was the meaning of life? etc.

p.s. found you on a comment from Ambulance Driver, enjoyed the couple posts I have read AND I signed up for a google account just so I could leave you this message!

wordwitch said...

Well thanks! And welcome to blog-world. It's minorly addictive. I do apologize for my lack of response - sometimes the winds of inspiration (or frustration) just don't seem to blow, ya know?