Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Touch not...

Wow. What is the world going to be, if all schools do this?? Many kids don’t get a lot of contact at home as it is…now they’re going to be taught that touching is BAD and FORBIDDEN!!

Kids will grow up not touching, then either over-compensate when they get out of school (and away from the stupid rule) – possibly causing a rise in violent physical crimes like rape; or they will continue to be non-touchy and this will impact their relationships with spouse, kids, and family in general – if they even HAVE a spouse and/or kids!! How incredibly sad.

And how will this affect society? How will it impact career fields such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Doctors of most sorts…just to name a few?

And will this stop at the middle school level, or will it start oozing its way down – into elementary, then preschool…then into the hospital nursery!?! Imagine the horrible result if kids started to learn in preschool (at age 2!!) that touching is bad!!! It makes me just weep.

Why can’t we just teach the kids – and the parents if need be – how to touch “properly” (i.e. with love, and respect for the touchees feelings)? That a hug is a wonderful thing, and a pat on the back is the best reward for a job well done. I was raised in a very huggy family, and I still greet and take my leave with friends by giving a hug. When I moved away from my family in Michigan to Arizona, there was a time when I couldn’t hug people because I didn’t know them well enough….it was a hard time and I’m positive it contributed to my depression and sense of loneliness.

So. Go hug someone, and be glad that SO far it’s not against the law.


Babs RN said...

I know. I saw that. It's utterly ridiculous.

It has occurred to me that we are becoming the world depicted in "Demolition Man." Slowly but surely.

Guarantee you I'd be one of the ones living underground...

IntangibleArts said...

Looks like that's one more thing the USA is good at: Killing people and raising dysfunctional children. Go team.