Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can someone explain...

I have a thought to start a semi-regular theme-post....Sometimes I run across something that either confuses me because it's so very simple yet it gets misinterpreted, or something that just doesn't make any kind of clear sense...So I thought I'd throw it out to my (few) readers and see if they might help shed light on these instances - when they happen. So the first one in "Can someone explain..." is:

Can someone explain cops on Segways??

I'm eager to hear what you think.


IntangibleArts said...

MPD says it's more efficient than walking and better for crowd control because they can get into people-sized spaces (versus being in cars).

I don't buy it. DC seem hell-bent on ANYTHING other than honest-to-god BEAT COPS.

Dammit Fenty/Lanier, get 'em the hell out of their cars, get 'em off their pretty horses, put away their groovy expensive scooter things, and just get 'em on their fraggin' FEET and make actual CONTACT with the neighborhoods and the folks who live there.

Most of the cops I see look like they can USE a good walk. And maybe a StairMaster (tm)...

epota said...

And I really think this image (patrols on horses) somehow brings people back to a day less overrun with shiny 4-wheeled rage machines. Something almost "romantic" about the sound of horse hooves plodding along city streets.

Of course, do you really want to romanticize your law enforcement efforts? Hmmm... I seem to recall something about police and horses... and Jack the Ripper?