Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday mutterings

Not too much to talk about today. I realized, though, that this blog is turning into a bit of a downer...and to the 3-4 people who actually read this - I apologize.

So. Today is Tuesday. It wasn't too good a day for our new puppy....he had a bit of a melt down because he was crated more than once. But he's ok now. We just went for a bit of a walk, and he almost did it all without being carried! He's a beautiful boy, I just wish he could understand me when I say "it's ok, I'll always come back home from work!!"

So. Now I know a bit more how a new mother (and new parents) feels....Anyone want to puppy sit occasionally?

As for the job front....I'm still searching. My current job is not the right mix for me. I know there isn't such a thing as the "perfect" job - one where the employee feels comfortable to be who ever he/she is; a place where the work is challenging, educational, and not too frustrating; an environment that encourages intelligent thought, original ideas, and fun; and the pay is - maybe not great - but definitely ok to good. But I think I can find one a bit closer to that ideal than the one I have....which doesn't hit 3 of those 4 criteria. So I'm sending out resumes. I sent one out today that I REALLY hope to at least interview for.....

One really nice bright spot is the weather!!! Thank the gods for this glorious 70 degree weather!! I know we're supposed to dip back into the upper 40s this weekend, but knowing that it isn't permanent, and that warmer weather IS on the way makes this pagan quite happy!!!

Woo hoo!!

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epota said...

As one of the 3-4 people reading your blog, all I can say is keep your chin up. I can certainly share in your employment pain (read the epota.blogspot.com site...) and I can also, with pooch and kid, share in your parenting pains.