Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Intense Job Frustration

Argh!! A plea to the Goddess for a new, challenging, interesting, FUN job!! SOON!

I have been in my "new" position for 4 months now....and haven't done one bit of true work. The project I was hired to do hasn't even begun yet. In fact it has gone through a few changes, and I'm not actually sure WHAT I'm possibly going to end up doing.

I say possibly, because everything is still in negotiations - not even contract negotiations yet, just pre-negotiations!! I've been told that we may start working on things as "early" as the end of March, but maybe even as late as the end of April or even into June. That will mean I will have been employed for over 6 months - and NOT DONE ANY WORK!!

Now, that may sound appealing to some, but I have been so very bored!! The days just DRAG on - 8 hours of watching the clock and wondering why I'm even there. Having nothing to do also means I'm not contributing to anything....therefore I'm feeling mighty useless....which makes me frustrated. All I do is work on some "non-work" stuff (to keep me busy) which I have been told isn't of any use once the project actually starts!! I specifically told my boss in the interview what I hoped to do, and the project seems to be morphing into something that does not include ANY of what I told him.

Add to all this is the fact that I was expecting an interesting, challenging, maybe even kind of fun job when I hired on here - one with some good teamwork. Well, it's not interesting, it's not challenging, there's NO teamwork, and oh BOY is it NOT fun!! They have instituted a strict dress code, NObody talks to each other, no one in the department seems to be interested in celebrating anything (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years all went by with absolutely nothing!), and my boss has point-blank said that "work is for work - people should have fun on their own time."

Now, I am not a young, early 20-something (sorry to generalize!!) who expects work to be the new social mixer. I know that work is a serious time - everyone is employed to do his or her job to the best of their abilities - meeting deadlines, working with others, etc. But one should always be able to enjoy their job and surroundings - this just naturally makes it more pleasant, which makes it so much easier to do a great job. Happy employees mean efficient employees!!

So please, cross your fingers, pray to your god(s), chant, dance around a bonfire, stand on your head, do what ever it is you do, and help me find a new job!!!!!

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