Monday, February 19, 2007

Seasonal Grumbling

Winter has always been my least favorite season. I grew up in Michigan, and though it took me a while, I realized I didn't have to STAY there. I moved to Arizona. The desert is a fantastic place. It never bothered me a bit when it hit 115 degrees in the summer - usually I was at work during the "worst" of the heat. And on the weekends, I just planned around the heat. . . . there was always nice temps in the morning or evening. And winters offered temps such as 40 degree lows and 60 degree highs.

But somehow I've ended up in Washington, DC. Now, I'm relatively young, so living in different places is not a life sentence. And I really DO like this city - it is so incredibly vital, and after living for a year in Bangor, Maine, I realized I need the stimulation of a big city. DC offers so very much to everyone - culture, nature, fun, history, future possibilities, etc. I really look forward to seeing more and experiencing more over the next few years.

But winter really sucks.

And, HEY DC!!! Don't you yahoos know how to plow streets?? Doesn't anyone know how to shovel a sidewalk??? Ye Gods people. And it's not just the neighborhoods....even downtown. I walk up First Street NE every work day, right next to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CNN, and this past week or so has really been a pain. The sidewalk right next to Union Station doesn't even look like it's made the acquaintance of a shovel....and there's even a plow blade just sitting in the street - surrounded by piles of ice-crusted snow that clog the gutters, reaching out a third of the way into the traffic lane.

And having 4 pipes burst from the cold a week ago just adds injury to this bitter cold insult. Our water and gas bills are going to be outrageous this month.

How many more weeks till spring?

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