Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And this is how it starts...

There was a crime on my street over a week ago - January 24th to be exact. An elderly man (I'll call him Ed) was working at a business at the end of my block. He heard someone breaking into his coworkers car. Ed took up a stick and went out to dissuade said thief. The thief was a 6'5" young and healthy man - so he took the stick away from Ed, beat him and then ran away. Ed was quite injured. The police came, took statements and photos, treated Ed, and then left. All that remained was a blood-stained 4x4 cotton pad and blood-filled cracks in the sidewalk.

This was Wed. the 24th. I walked by the spot this past Friday evening (the 26th)...and the 4x4 and blood was all still there. I decided to go in the National Guard recruitment center which was the only business nearby (maybe where Ed was working?) and thus the building the sidewalk paralleled. I asked them if they had known about the crime this past Wednesday.

"Yes ma'am, the police are taking care of it," I was told. Great. Then I asked "Is anyone going to clean up the blood outside?"

"It's not our job, ma'am. That's on the sidewalk, it's the city's job."

I was surprised. "You mean you're not going to do anything?" I asked.

"No ma'am, it's not our job. You have to contact your ward officer and get the city to do that."

"You mean you'll leave it there for everyone to walk over it and by it?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"It's not our job, ma'am."
. . . . . .
These people - National Guardsmen - want people to sign up to fight wars, to possibly kill people to "defend our rights as americans" and they think "IT'S NOT OUR JOB" is a good answer for street crime on their own street!! Ain't this country great!?

p.s. I heard that Ed is ok, though he lost a lot of blood. . . .He should go look on the sidewalk. As of this evening, it was still there.

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hawkins said...

As of 10feb, evidence suggests the gauze has been kicked out of place...but it's still there.