Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sorry for the long pause...

Things have been really rather good - busy, but good. I've started Voice Over lessons and seem to be doing quite well, not to mention having a lot of fun. Had a great trip to Michigan back in August with my hubby and our dog - dog did a GREAT job, very good and no whinging at all! The weather was pretty good, and time spent with mom was really good. We had a very nice ceremony to inter my dad's ashes, and I feel that he's finally at rest.

I'm still working at the job I started in July and really really like it. I feel useful, important, intelligent, and worthwhile, not to mention that I actually LIKE the subject matter I'm working with! It's cool. I haven't been in a position like this in YEARS. And I know it's not just the first blush of being in a new job, since I've been there over 3 months now. I'm finally happy in my job. This is way neat.

I've also taken a beginning knitting class, and look forward to starting and completing my first project. I'll take pictures once I have anything to photograph.

My family is doing rather well....Mom is adjusting to being alone (most of the time, as is expected), and seems to be as busy as usual, though she's learning to "play" a little too now; a nephew just got his first full time job in his career field and is really liking it. (Good job Ken!!); a niece is really blossoming in a new tech/high school/college program; a brother seems to be enjoying his new direction into film as a Production Manager. BUT...unfortunately, another brother just got let go from his job. He found out at 4pm this past Monday that his position had been eliminated....and he had only started in THIS job last November, after being laid off for almost 6 months. Major bummer. So life is moving along with smooth patches as well as bumpy patches...much like life SHOULD.

Anyhoo...I promise to post more often. I'm almost believing that the really dark times are behind me for now...Yeah, I know there's always the potential for more, but I'm finally feeling rather optimistic. Cool, huh?

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