Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new directions and stuff

So. It's been a while....mainly due to the dark times I was going through months ago. I was working, but at a job I wasn't really happy in...

BUT NOW....I've got a new job. Started on July 12th. I'm still a government contractor - but now I work for a different alphabet agency, and am working with some really cool people. And for the first time I think I'm finally in the job I've been looking for. I'm actually, finally, officially working as an EDITOR...not a writer/editor, not a project manager, not as a copy writer...but an EDITOR. I spend my days reading and editing some really interesting documents. Everything from 500 word articles for an e-newsletter to a 148 page document to be printed as a booklet. It is so very cool. I've wanted to be an editor ever since I graduated from college, and while I've had some interesting - even fun and challenging - jobs, they've never really "just" been editing jobs....Now I'm a Sr. Technical Editor. I'm happy.

Other happenings:

a) Started Voice Over lessons!! Woot!! More on that later.

b) Took Gomez to the mountains for the first time - as seen in the photographic evidence, he loved it!!


Barbara said...

Congrats on the new editor job! Gomez is very cute.

lettuce said...

hi! just catching up....

and so pleased to hear the job is going so well