Saturday, April 3, 2010

15 years later....

And tomorrow I shall pay for it...

But today - TODAY I had a blast. I went out to Warrenton Virginia and got on a horse. First time in 15 years, and I didn't fall off or get thrown!! I DID realize how out of shape I am - and that my current "shape" is not so hot either. But Buck was a good boy and patient with an out-of-practice rider. I walked and trotted a lot - forgot how hard it is to post! - and even tried a canter...but 15 years of not riding didn't make cantering a really good idea....maybe next time (or the one after that....).

Why'd I go now?

My friend T rides twice a week out at a farm there, and has been trying to get me to go with her for a while now. So...with temps aiming for 80 and an absolute TON of tourists due in DC today (Cherry Blossom Fest., Easter, and good weather) I decided it'd be a good idea to get OUT of DC.

And what a beautiful day!! Even brushing a dirty horse and picking out his hooves was wonderful. I had forgotten the joy the smell of a horse brought me.... The facilities were good - happy, healthy horses, good tack, and good grounds. The only bad thing...poor Ruth (the instructor/owner) had her barn collapse this past February during that horrible snow - luckily no horses were inside, and she was able to salvage almost everything....but now she needs a new barn!!

So...yes, it's a long way to travel, but I think I might start doing this at least once a month...AND work on getting rid of some of this weight!

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epota said...

Su has been riding now for almost a year. She goes once a week. But it helps that we have the stable about a block away from the house. Still, it's good fun and she really enjoys it.

So if you enjoy it... make that journey, get away from the city and have fun with it!

Note: Somewhat topical to an earlier blog of yours... the word verification for me today is "miceing"... Go figure.