Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And another one's gone...

I know - YESTERDAY was Monday, but I was working really hard - not at a job, just cleaning the house in prep for upcoming visitors. I didn't realize how much a Boxer actually sheds....it's insidious....the little black hairs just kind of meld to the carpet on the stairs, and hide in the corners quietly breeding....and then there's the drool emissions. When that dog shakes his head, he'll let fly with the drool and it can land on the wall at SHOULDER HEIGHT!!! Yeesh.

But anyway. Still no job nibbles. Sent off 3-4 more resumes, and today is the "close" date (they stop accepting resumes) for one I'd love to get. Oh, and then there's DC unemployment - ye gods....

Last night was the 2nd meeting of acting class - it's so fun!! On the first night our instructor assigned us a 1 act play and a partner we'll work with for the next few weeks. At the end of 8 weeks, we'll perform the 1 act play in front of friends, family, AND a real Talent Scout!! My role is . . . quite interesting. I'll tease you about it over the next few weeks...for now, let's just call it a challenging and transformative role. And last night the instructor (Kevin) gave us a booklet of monologues - next week we get to choose one that we have to memorize and perform on the last night (along with the 1 act play). I'm way excited about that!!

Anyhoo - gotta get back to work on the house...after I walk the dog.

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