Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've been wracking my brain for a blog subject. I know, I shouldn't focre a blog entry. It's just that I haven't written anything in a while, so I'm beginning to feel a touch guilty to those very few who actually read this....

I thought about writing a blog on passion...but couldn't coordinate my thoughts.

I thought about writing a blog on moonlight, and the Goddess....but since I've been feeling rather non-committal re. my feelings on my religion, I couldn't pin down anything solid.

I even thought about writing about things that have been happening...but nothing has really happened....

...don't get me wrong, I HAVE been doing things:

*My leg is 90% better, and I'm walking mostly without a crutch, though some days the crutch is a good thing to have. Physical therapy is a wonderful thing.

*I went to a fantastic May Day Maypole party and met some really awesome people...all bloggers themselves.

*I had a good interview, but never got a final offer. I start back to work in the office tomorrow....bleh. I'll only be going in part-time for the next 3 weeks, then the week of Memorial Day will be my first "full-time" stint.

So my life hasn't been totally bland. Oh, and I'm going up to Michigan to visit my folks this coming weekend - but my Dad doesn't know I'm coming...I wanted to surprise him.'s a picture of mine that makes me happy. Cheers!


Aileen said...

Awesome picture!

It was so great to meet you on Saturday! It was a magical day, wasn't it?

Philosophic Bard said...

Hey - that picture . . . That must be a corner of DC I haven't seen.

Glad your leg's feeling better, by the way. Tell your folks I said, "hey."

So yeah - job's are a pain in the ass, but what can we do, right? I kind of expressed my feelings on my blog on this topic. Stick in there. If I have to, you do too.

Talk to you soon

IntangibleArts said...

So you see, a blog post about nothing becomes a blog post about SOMETHING. It's just profound enough to make a body sea-sick, no?

lettuce said...

sometimes the posts i write about "nothing" cos i don't know what to write about are the ones people seem to like best...
there has to be some parable of life in there somewhere.

it was so great to meet you
hope its a fab. surprise weekend
and i love the photo

Steve said...

Nice photo! Arizona, I'm guessing??

It was great to meet you Saturday!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow - what a photo!

have fun in michigan - great that you are surprising your pa -- surprises are such fun!!

wordwitch said...

Yup - that is Tucson at sunset, facing the beautiful Catalina Mountain range to the north of town....sigh.