Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy (??) Holidays

So. Hope "all" of you had a happy solstice/hanukka/christmas. And I also hope that your new years will be fun, safe, and special.

And I hope that everyone heard from those they love, those they care about, and those they hope to get to know better.

My parents were here with me and hubby. We had a good visit, and the puppy adored them. My parents are intelligent, caring, funny, special people. It hurt me to see the day pass with not one call to them from my 3 brothers - granted, they'll see the oldest starting tonight, and they supposedly saw the other two back in the home state. But don't you think it'd be nice for holiday wishes to actually come in ON the day of the holiday? NOR did they bother to call me at all. Yeah, I know, I'm a pagan - I don't "DO" christmas....but I do celebrate the holidays. Hell, I sent PRESENTS!!!

yeesh. Is there any way to get through to them that these are our ONLY set of parents?!?! That we won't have second chances? It just kills me to see my parents hurt by the things my brothers say and do.

Sorry to go all maudlin....Hope your New Years are grand.

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Quisp-Quake said...

Hope you had a good holiday over all...that sucks about your parents and various siblings...Trinna's Mom went through the same thing this year (other than us, noone even called...she was EXTREMELY depressed, but she's getting over it slowly...We included her as much as we could, but nothing at all from everyone else.

We had a nice brother's family came in from Germany, so it was a crazy brood...and it was our first Christmas with the boys (they were at their respective other parents last year), so we enjoyed ourselves...

Take it easy, and hugs to yourself, Gomez, and Mr. IA...