Sunday, September 23, 2007

Judge not...

Matt over at Better and Better has a very good post today - one I fully stand behind. I am a pagan, and while it makes me happy, fulfilled, and helps me get through the day, I don't push my faith on anyone, nor do I threaten anyone with it. But I too have been judged my own family. Two of my 3 brothers wouldn't even come to my wedding, because it wasn't a Christian wedding. Their OWN little sister. But I am also very fortunate, because my parents not only accept me and my religion, but support me in most everything I do or try. Yes, I am an adult now (over 40) but knowing that my Mom thinks I'm a smart, caring woman REALLY means a lot to me. I'm very happy for Babs' daughter, because she has such a wonderful Mom, but I'm also happy for Babs, because she's got a super daughter.

So, to echo Matt: look inside your faith and make sure it's not hurting ANYone - including yourself.

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