Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Humans are:

rude; abusive; abrupt; arrogant; self-centered; racist; blunt; discourteous; inconsiderate; impolite; offensive; thoughtless; sarcastic; conceited; disdainful; egotistical; disrespectful; greedy; hostile; narrow-minded; petty; spiteful; callous; cruel; vicious; graceless; sadistic; wicked; obscene; and just plain mean.

I truly despair for the species.

And sincerely wish I could separate myself from them.


Steve said...

They're not ALWAYS all those things. Sometimes they can be surprisingly kind and generous! I think people usually try their best, in their deluded ways...

Dorothy Explor'r said...

changing the universe is simple. what you engage your mind, your thoughts, your activities in... is what creates your universe. so stop reading newspapers; stop watching tv. communicate where only necessary.
absorb and think positive loving things... and most importantly, do not argue; practice compassion. always.


Safaa Tasneem said...

A negative aspect is always coupled with a positive aspect. Try finding those. You might start liking the homo sapien race. :)

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