Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dreams and Storys

Every now and then I have really involved, realistic, and ultra detailed dreams. Ones I'll wake up thinking about, and later - maybe in the day, in the week, or even later - I'll catch myself thinking about a specific scene from the dream. I even have "flashbacks" to dreams I had months ago.

In one, I was driving on a road that went along a lake/ocean, with long grass on either side of the road....I still see that scene in my head.

Another one - dark woods, with a house where I have to stay, even though there are other houses near by.

As usual, the words I write here just don't express the vividness and views of the dreams. And that's something that riles me. I mean, I've had stories in my head forever....And while I've tried, and almost succeeded at times, to write them down so others can share them - I never can figure out how to really get the story down, to put what is in my head down onto paper....and that riles and saddens me at the same time, because I think people would really enjoy my stories.

So - any advice on how to put dreams down onto paper?

Oh, and happy holidays. How are you spending yours? What are you celebrating (Hanuka, solstice, Christmas)??

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