Sunday, May 17, 2009

memories and editing

Yesterday's yard sale totally sucked. The weather didn't cooperate in the morning, and that kept most people away.

But today's been a quiet day. I've been thinking a lot about my English pen friend from my youth. He found my name through the I.Y.S. - not sure what that was back then. We started writing to each other in early 1980, and the last letter I have from him is dated November 1981. We were both around 15-16. He lived up in Merseyside, England, very near Liverpool, and he was very athletic and into Punk music. I'd love to find him again, but do you realize how common the name Ian McCarthy is in England!?! That's like John Smith here in the states.....I think I'll just write a letter to the last address I had of him and see what happens. It'd sure be a super hoot to reconnect with him.

As for editing - We went to buy some groceries this afternoon - up Georgia Ave. to a Safeway store. One the way there, we got stopped at a red light and I'm staring at a sign of a property for said "Avalable"....I started laughing. Since there was an 800 number, I called it. I spoke to a nice man and told him his big, professionally made sign was misspelled. He actually thanked me, said I was a very kind person, and that his sign maker needed to go back to school!

Not bad for a gray, cool Sunday.

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Steve said...

I had a pen pal in Rio de Janeiro when I was a teenager, and another in Australia -- I often wonder where they've gone. But I think too much time has elapsed and I have no idea how I'd ever get in touch with them!