Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the same wavelength...

I've often seen couples who seem happily married, yet have a variety of opposing views. And, while I figure "to each their own" it makes me wonder just HOW happy and together they really are.

As for me and Mr. Intangiblearts (my wonderful hubby) - I think we see eye-to-eye on probably 90% of things. And the other 10% almost never gets in the way. (I say "almost never" not because we argue about it, but to acknowledge that it's even there....gotta be honest, ya know?)

One thing we're both on the same page about these days is politics. We (this country) are in dire straits right now, and I don't know if enough people realize it. Yes, America is a good place to be - if you're lucky enough to be making enough money to be relatively debt-free, if you're employed in a job that isn't facing potential melt-down, if your ENTIRE extended family is also in the same position...which means MOST of the "middle class" are NOT the lucky ones right now. Our political relations with the rest of the world are suffering - we're either looked upon as war-mongering bullies, or ignorant bullies, or potentially catastrophic idiots, all due to the past number of presidencies which have NOT built up good relations but have continued to reinforce the "we are always right" attitude which has brought us into many wars and conflicts and kept us there far past our effectiveness.

I fear this nation is past its Golden Age, but we're unwilling to move into the next stage with dignity, intelligence, and a forward thinking plan. We seem to be clinging to the glory days of yesteryear with our fingernails, determined to maintain our standing even though it's painfully obvious that it has drastically changed.

Take for instance the presidential hubby says it well here. All I can add is that I really hope, pray, cross-my-fingers that somehow America can pull out of this severe downward spiral before too many more people get hurt/loose their job-house-family. But hope is a very fragile thing.


lettuce said...

well, M and I disagree about quite a lot of things...

its not always been healthy - but i think thats more to do with how we've not handled it well, not to do with the fact of differences

much healthier now, i'm happy to say.

but there are some things where disagreement would be a problem.
I guess there are republican/democrat couples? how might that work?...?

wordwitch said...

I actually have a co-worker who says the main reason she votes is to cancel out her husband's vote...whatever works, ya know?

epota said...

When I was growing up, I found it odd that my parents didn't talk about politics. In fact, my mother didn't vote and my father didn't reveal his vote. Maybe a different era? Or just a different view on what one's opinion meant.

At any rate, the missus and I talk pretty openly about it. I share my incredible frustration and disgust with negative politics. We see eye-to-eye on most. And as disgusted as I am with the lies and negativity this year (seems much more than past elections), I can't imagine how I'd feel if my spouse had a contrary view. I consider myself very open to other viewpoints. But this year has really produced the most polarizing results. Just awful.

Gary said...

What an uplifting little post. :)

Of course you are totally correct. I hope that with Obama in the White House things will finally begin to slowly move in a more positive direction. If McCain wins then we may as well flush America down the toilet.

Steve said...

LOL -- Gary puts it plainly!

All I can say is, Amen to your post!