Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Life as it is

So. It's amazing how invasive these computer viruses are. I spent the whole day yesterday working with Symantec as they reamed out my poor little laptop. They found 4-5 viruses, 2 of them very malicious. Today I'm going to spend a couple of hours defragging my system....which hasn't been done since I bought it back in 2005. I think I know how I got the viruses....and will be ever more paranoid from now on.

Gomez is getting better. He had his last dose of meds this morning and seems to be functioning well. We'll switch him back to his regular food over the next day or so and keep an eye on him, but he's putting weight back on, and his energy is definitely back. So that is a relief.

Dad has been moved to a rehabilitation center and is feeling bored but better. Don't know how long he'll be there, but I figure he's in good hands. Oh, and Mom can bring the dog in to see him, so that cheers them both (dad and dog) right up.

As for me. I'm still sitting here. No word from the interviewer of 2+ weeks ago. Granted, they're an Association, so maybe they move a bit more slowly. (See, I'm trying hard not to just give in to "oh, they're not going to call me"....it's not working too well.) My leg doesn't hurt at all these days. I'm up to 15 minutes/5 times a week on the bike...adding 5 min. a week till I hit 40 min. Then I have to increase the tension. It's still rather tiring crutching around for any length of time. My shoulders and left hip get tired, though I admit - they last a lot longer now than they did 4-6 weeks ago.

My spirits aren't all that great, but there's nothing to be done about that right now. I just feel so incredibly limited, in so many ways. I really DON'T like being so mopey and dark - it doesn't make me feel good, and it only depresses my husband even more. But the things I think would make me get out of this state aren't doable with out a bit more mobility. Kind of a catch-22. And I'm still questioning things deep inside me.


epota said...

Hey. Didn't know that you had an interview a couple of weeks ago. I hope you hear something back.

My own news: Turned down an opportunity to take a position in Madison last Sunday. The hiring director was nice enough. But some key words would surface during the interviewing that would raise red flags on whether or not this it would have been the right environment (let's see... rule #1: you don't refer to past employees as being "incompetent." It's not a good sign of a manager and it might be illegal?).

So I guess I'll just keep sort-of-enjoying life in good old IL.

wordwitch said...

eh, Wisconsin would have only been colder...you need to move South, my man...