Sunday, February 10, 2008

Staffing "Experts"?????

This is probably a touch overdue, but it just dawned on me today....In my attempt to gain new employment I have approached TWO Staffing agencies. I'm going to use names, because I am so incredibly UN-impressed with them that I don't care if they hear about this, and I want others to know what they might run into if they deal with these companies.

The first one is a one-man deal. It's called Brainstorm Creative Resources. I met with the guy (we'll call him Dan) way back in mid July and it seemed to be a very good meeting. Dan seemed interested and impressed and encouraging. He did warn me that he wouldn't be able to place me right away (since I was - and am - looking only for permanent placement, no temp stuff) but he'd be working hard and let me know how things are going. I followed up the meeting with an email, asking a couple of questions and just saying "thanks, I look forward to working with you." And then I waited. And waited. I sent another email asking a simple question and touching base, but again heard nothing. . . . I actually heard from him only once - he sent me a christmas card...but it wasn't a personal card, just a generic one he sent to all of his clients.

So that was a waste.

Next I tried The Boss Group. I met with "Sam" in late November. I spent 4 hours in the office, taking tests to help them (and me) know my strengths and weaknesses. I also met 2-3 other "agents" while I was there, so they could see me and start trying to help place me. It was very encouraging and I looked forward to hearing about my results. Sam said he'd call me and discuss the results, and the next day I did get a call - from the secretary. Ok, well, at least I heard from them, and the results were a bit surprising (I was better than I thought!). I also sent an email to Sam to say thank you. And then I waited. I did follow through on Sam' suggestion to investigate the various Associations in the area (boy there are a lot of them!!), but instead of sending them a list as they requested I sent them another email asking them a couple of questions...and I've never heard from them again.

So. Even though I went looking for help to try and improve my chances, all I got were empty assurances and then oblivion. It really makes me wonder. Oh, and I realized today - Boss Group has my social security number on file! That actually makes me uncomfortable, so I'm going to call them this coming week and ask them to close my file and shred my personal info.

I thought these places were genius - a second person/group with many more contacts which would raise my chances a lot!! Boy, have I been disappointed.

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epota said...

Your experiences are not unique. A large percentage of "staffing" or recruiting places really don't do much for you. They are able to access most of the same information that YOU are able to find. They just usually have a bit more time during the day than most.

Of course, SOME do have relationships with companies (usually just temp, but not always) and you might see an opportunity available that would not find its way to the paper or CareerBuilder.

If you do a little extra research online, you will find some amazing reports that surfaced a few years back that discredited a large majority of hiring firms and claims. The arena is full of fraud and suspect behavior.

And NEVER actually pay a placement firm (not that you have) to find work for you. Any reputable place that works with a fee process will be getting that cost from the hiring employer.

I've had a couple of miserable experiences. And I did have one very good experience. That was the firm out of Des Moines that lined me up with the ITA position. The recruiter did his homework and pulls his commission from the actual employer upon successful hire. So they have something at stake. Plus, they can handle the negotiations and make it far more pleasant for the new hire.

I guess the bottom line is proceed with caution.

I feel your pain.