Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't believe it

People, the media, and "everyone" says that one can find friends on the internet - either through a blog like this one, or a myspace page, or facebook. I don't believe it. I've been blogging for a short while now (since January of this year) and I haven't really connected consistently with anyone....Yes, a couple of you have been kind enough to leave comments. And yes, I appreciate hearing from epota and Time Out of Joint and Reya. But I just don't understand how others find all their cyberfriends. Am I just not "advertising" properly? Is it because I'm not looking for a relationship? No thanks, I've already got a really good one. Or is it because I'm not looking to be all suggestive and "dirty" with a cyberpal? Again, no thanks - I'll read my silly vampire romances for that, and then get all cozy in my hubby's arms. But isn't it better to have as many friends as one can truly befriend? What's wrong with that? Don't adults (people over 35) desire friendship anymore? Am I the only one who has discovered it's veritably impossible to make friends in your 40s if the people you work with are isolationists and not into don't have access to social outlets...and you don't like to hang out in bars? So just HOW can a 40+, married, pagan-focused, conservative, kind of nerdy woman make friends then!?!?

And to top it off, I hate sounding like a whiner....yeesh.


mary/mom said...

Hi sweet girl, I just want you to know that I found your blog recently as a link from Chesters and have read it, so now I won't feel like an eavesdropper any more. I can't imagine why you are having trouble getting responses, there must be a million modern young women who could identify with your dillema and life issues. I personally don't get why folks want to share all this personal stuff in such a public venue as cyberspace, but maybe you'll 'splain it to me. In any case, I wish you success in reaching the faceless masses because friends are good, and many is (are?) better than few. Just know that you are loved from this little corner of the universe. m/m

Ambulance Driver said...

I always lived by the motto that a person can always be judged by the quality of their friends, not the quantity.

I get a great number of visits and links from wonderful people all over the internet, including you...

...but I can't keep track of them all, or visit all the blogs I'd like. And so, there are rather few bloggers I am "close" with.

Do I appreciate the roughly 1000 daily visits I get? Of course.

Do I value the comments they leave? Every one.

Do I wish I had the time to reciprocate the lovely comments and readership? More than you know, and not being able to do so is a bit shaming for me.

If you only have a few regular readers, count yourself lucky that you can forger a deeper relationship with each one of them.

And I'll keep reading whenever I get a chance.

epota said...

I can't add much that ambulance driver didn't already add. Quality over quantity is much more desired.

But I can certainly understand why there would be a little bit of disappointment from the blogging experience. When I set up my own, its sole purpose was to keep our family news somewhat accessible to other family members after we moved to Des Moines. Well, we never moved (as you know), but I decided to keep the blog going with family updates anyway -- even though many readers are in pretty close proximity to us.

Still, most of my family won't even check -- even if it means they miss out on the only way to see more of Su. Their loss. And rarely does anyone leave an actual post to show they visited.

So I look at it now as just providing information or an occasional opportunity to wax a bit more poetically. Other than that, it's not a substitute for friends.